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SME MEMBER Unlimited Job Ads, 1 Admin User


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  • Job Distribution
  • Job Templates
  • Social Recruiting Tools
  • Application Manager
  • Custom Careers Page
  • Candidate Experience Platform

HIRING PRO Unlimited Job Ads, Unlimited Admin Users


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  • Job Distribution
  • Job Templates
  • Social Recruiting Tools
  • Application Manager
  • Custom Careers Page
  • Candidate Experience Platform
  • Applicant History & Notes
  • Video Interviewing
  • Candidate Search
  • ATS Integration
  • Talent Pooling
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Reporting & Analytics

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Features Overview

Job Distribution

As soon as you post a job ad, Workible instantly notifies all available job seekers who match your application criteria direct to their smartphone/email cutting the time-to-hire to days, if not hours!

Expanding your reach, Workible also automatically syndicates your job ad to The Workible Network which includes Adzuna, Jora, CareerOne over 80 other job sites targeting students, regional communities, industries, and more receiving over 7.5 million monthly visits from people throughout Australia.  If a job seeker is online, you will find them through The Workible Network.

ATS Integration

Easily connect your existing ATS system to your Workible account for a seamless hiring experience.

Job Templates

Save time by saving your go-to job ads as easily accessible job templates so you can maintain brand consistency and post in less than 15 seconds!

Social Recruiting Tools

Get a head start on sourcing new hires with a simple tool that allows you to post your job advertisement to all of your social media accounts.

Application Manager

Workible does the data entry/admin work for you. Working from your desktop and smartphone it’s easy to review resumes, reject candidates or invite them to interview from wherever you are.

With every new application, Workible’s proprietary ranking algorithm re-orders your applications according to your preferred criteria so you always see the candidates who best fit your needs first.

Applicant History & Notes

View a chronological timeline of each applicant’s past experience applying for jobs with your company including their application status and any notes left by your Hiring Team — don’t forget to add your own!

Custom Careers Page

Create a free, hosted, branded website in minutes with Workible’s Jobs@ Plugin. No training required. The plugin auto-updates your company website with your latest job ads and blends seamlessly into your website’s existing style.

Candidate Experience Platform

Workible automatically keeps candidates informed through professional messages sent at key milestones of the recruitment process. Sophisticated data analysis allows Workible to provide all of your applicants with recommendations for how to improve their chances when applying to similar roles in the future. 

Video Interviewing

Reduce the time spent organising and conducting interviews by sending candidates a video interview request with customised/default questions then assess their submitted video responses at your leisure.

Candidate Search

Search Workible’s pool of active job seekers and reach out to prospective hires directly. Plus, view a full list of candidates matching your job ad criteria directly after posting so you can connect quickly to hire fast.

Talent Pooling

Build your own Job Network of prospective hires, brand fans and previous applicants through Workible and have a ready “pool” of candidates available every time you need to hire.

Grow your Job Network and reduce the time spent handling in-store/in-venue job seeker enquiries by implementing tap-and-go touchpoints that connect candidates to your Job Network by simply tapping their NFC-enabled smartphones. And use “bulk invite” to easily send invitations to previous candidates and unsolicited applicants en masse so they can keep up with your latest company news and job opportunities.

Recruitment Marketing

There’s more to great hiring than job advertising to active job seekers. Nurture your Job Network and become an Employer of Choice by engaging with prospective hires through blogs, videos, polls, events and even special offers.

Schedule content to automatically post so your employer brand stays active, even when you’re not. With each post, you can opt to post to everyone in your Job Network or create a custom audience based on location, skill, qualification, language, even personality attribute! Then, view how engaged your applicants have been with your Job Network and what posts they’ve engaged with via their Brand Engagement Score. You can even use videos to pre-induct candidates so they can hit the ground running!

Your branded Job Network page is your one-stop shop for prospective hires to find out more about you as an Employer — what your company is about, your social media channels, all available job opportunities and your latest blogs, videos, polls, events, special offers, and so on.

Reporting & Analytics

Workible saves you time and money in both sourcing and selection so that you can invest those resources into working on your recruitment strategy. To assist with that, Workible’s analytics options will give insight into how the hiring process went, what’s working best for you and highlight what else you can do to improve your results.

Track people who saw and applied to your job ads through Job Ad Analytics, get an overview of progress in your open and closed jobs or dig down into the details of a particular job and keep track of your hiring managers to see who is struggling and needs assistance and who is making progress. Plus, you can access your real-time Job Network Report anytime to view your growth rate, how you compare to other companies, what posts are engaging prospective hires best and more.