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Use smart technology to find the staff you need and build an endless talent pool of brand-engaged job seekers.

Everyone wants to find great staff – people who not only love you brand but who really want to work for you. But, until now, you’ve had to make do with getting lucky – finding the right person who sees your “We’re hiring” sign at the right time.

Instead of having your staff take unsolicited job applications from jobseekers doing the job seeker crawl around shopping centres, let us show you how to recruit brand-eager jobseekers – right in-store – without interrupting your sales staff from doing their jobs. Let’s face it, people in your stores are there to help customers – not recruit.

We’re bringing retail recruitment into the 21st century using smartphone technology so you can tap into your customer base to identify people who’d love the chance to work for you.

Centres like Westfield Bondi Junction are partnering with Workible, to reinvent the way retail employers and jobseekers connect.

Let us show you just how easy it is to create your own talent pool of ready-to-work brand fans – and save you thousands of dollars on your retail recruitment.

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Your own Customized Tap-and-Go stickers can go anywhere in your store. Use them on change room mirrors, on counters and on the back of your POS units. Or ask us about other ways you can use in-store collection mechanisms to tap into brand-loyal potential staff. We’ve got tons of ideas!

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